Sustainability in the Leather Supply Chain

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This online Sustainability in the Leather Supply Chain training course focuses on the key aspects of leather and sustainability such as animal welfare, deforestation, exotic materials, chemical risk, and environmental impact. Attendees will gain an understanding of the potential risks to businesses, which is ideal for those who work in the leather industry, or sell leather articles, to manage risk and make informed business decisions.

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Duration: 3 hrs

Access: 14 days

Course Highlights

  • Raw Materials Challenges

    Leather sustainability is inherently related to the sourcing of raw hides and skins, and it is important that organisations understand the key sustainability challenges associated with raw materials, and how such practices can be avoided.

  • Chemicals and Restricted Substances

    Delegates will learn about the need for chemical management within the leather industry and will explore how this relates to restricted substances.

  • Waste and End-of-Life

    Delegates will learn about the importance of waste and end-of-life considerations to leather sustainability.

Course Curriculum

  • 1


    • Introduction

    • What does 'sustainable' mean?

    • Sustainable Business Practices

  • 2

    Overview of the Leather Industry

    • Sensitivities and Risks in the Leather Industry

    • Most industries have sustainability risks

    • Market Trends and Drivers in the Leather Industry

    • The Leather Supply Chain

    • Leather Types & Sources

  • 3

    Raw Material Challenges

    • Deforestation

    • Animal Welfare

    • Farming Impacts

    • Leather as a By-product of the Meat Industry

  • 4

    Inputs and Outputs of the Leather Making Process

    • Overview of the Leather Making Process

    • Leather Lifecycle Analysis (LCA)

  • 5

    Environmental Impacts and the Leather Working Group

    • Environmental Impacts and the Leather Working Group

  • 6

    Chemicals and Restricted Substances

    • Chemicals and Restricted Substances

  • 7

    Market Drivers and Sustainability Risks

    • Modern Slavery

    • Consumer Trends

    • Critical Area - Kanpur

    • Traceability

  • 8

    Waste and End of Life

    • Waste and End of Life

  • 9


    • Conclusion

  • 10

    Course Feedback Survey

    • Course Feedback Survey


Head of Sustainability Business Development

Peter Hughes

Peter leads the development of Eurofins | BLC Sustainability Services through expanding commercial opportunities, delivering specialist communication support to clients and implementing traceability systems for global supply chains. Peter is also involved with bespoke projects around circularity of leather and other materials, research into emerging material innovations for the sector and measuring the environmental impact of materials. Peter has over fourteen years of experience working in the field of sustainable development with private, public and third sector clients. Peter has previously worked in the food industry specialising in sustainability issues and supply chain mapping of the 'food to go' sector, concentrating on improving environmental and ethical performance. He has also worked with the public sector looking to utilise existing building stock to generate power and use energy more efficiently.

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